Pastor Requests Halt to Sending Stuffed Goods to CT

On the Ravelry group, “600 Monsters,” Pastor Laura (of Bethel, CT) asks for a halt of stuffed goods being sent to Connecticut — stating  “in one day over 20,000 stuffed toys were received.”  She further states to please “direct your donations to children in need in your community (or one of your choosing) in honor of the 20 children who have died. We are aware that there are many children in need of love and comfort, not just ours. Your gift in their honor will be a fitting tribute to Sandy Hook’s children and bless another as well.”

You can read the entire thread here.

The HHCC’s Position:  We are in agreement. However, if you would still like to donate your hand-crafted critter to the HHCC, we will gladly accept it.  Please note our terms:

  • Item must be hand-crocheted or hand-knitted.  NO STORE-BOUGHT ITEMS WILL BE ACCEPTED.
  • Item must be crafted out of 100% acrylic yarn, and stuffed with 100% acrylic stuffing.  This is for ease of care and for eliminating possible allergy issues.  All color themes will be accepted.
  • Item must arrive by the Valentine’s Day deadline; our goal is to collect 1,000 – 1,500 hand-crafted critters.

We pledge we will do our best to place your generous hand-crafted donations with those in the Newtown & surrounding areas.

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