HHCC to Collect Critters and Comfort Shawls for Sandy Hook

On Friday, December 14th, twenty children ages 6 and 7, along with six adults tragically died at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut.  The shock and sadness are beyond words.   But we don’t have to say a single word; we have our hands.  Armed with crochet hooks and knitting needles, people from around the world want to let the families of Newtown know they are loved.  This is why, in conjunction with Crochet Guild of Prince William County of Virginia, The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club, a Connecticut Chapter of the Crochet Guild of America, is stepping up to accept your hand-crafted projects, each with thousands of stitches wrapped in love.

From today until Valentine’s Day 2013, you can send your beautiful hand-stitched donations to:

img credit: school.discoveryeducation.com

The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club
c/o  Nancy
3238 Route 52
Stormville, NY  12582

Or to:
The Happily Hooked on Crocheting Club
c/o Fluffy

PO Box 934Bridgeport, CT 06601-0934   We will gladly accept your hand-stitched stuffed critters and comfort shawls.  We ask that they be created using acrylic based yarns of any color.  For those wishing to use school colors, such as Red Heart’s “Team Spirit” yarn in the colorway of 968 – Green/White (school mascot is the eagle) that would be wonderful too.  The school reportedly has some 450+ students.  Our goal is to collect at least 1000-1500 critters so siblings can be included. 

If you would like to include a hang tag on your gift, please consider using the tag below.  This will not only help us in tracking all the donations, but it will also help your recipient know where the love for him/her arrived from.

You can use this hang tag for your donations.

   If you would rather make a cash donation or donate a crocheted or knitted afghan, the following organizations listed on the HuffingtonPost website would love to hear from you:  http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/12/14/connecticut-elementary-school-shooting-how-to-help_n_2302760.html   If you would like to join in on discussing critter creations there is the “600 monsters strong” group on Ravelry.  Looking for an animal pattern?  There are lots available, from patterns designed by Stacey Trock, and those featured on Red Heart’s and Lion Brand’s webpages, and many more on Ravelry and Etsy.

“[We are] very mindful that mere words cannot match the depths of your sorrow, nor can they heal your wounded hearts.

 [We] can only hope it helps for you to know that you’re not alone in your grief, that our world, too, has been torn apart, that all across this land of ours, we have wept with you. We’ve pulled our children tight.

And you must know that whatever measure of comfort we can provide, we will provide.
                                                         ~President Obama, Dec. 16 prayer vigil for victims

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